Sarah Wertz
Nov 9, 2020

Reflection 11/8

This week we gots lots done. We filmed our next podcast which was a little about the obstacles I have overcome in my life. We also got our podcast out on other platforms so others could see it. We came up with some more ideas for our next podcasts. This week we learned how to get our podcasts on other platforms which helps us a lot. We also learned some better ways to get our podcasts done faster. We did encounter any road blocks, other then I was not there the one day. We continued building our macro and micro networks by getting out on more platforms and by connecting with people on LinkedIn. I wished we could of maybe filmed another podcast or came up with some scripts for our upcoming podcasts. Next week we will be filming Karlee’s obstacles and then that will be the last of those kinds of episodes. After that we will be going into more mental health illnesses.